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Common member of the family ictaluridae
Family Common Name North American Catfishes
Distribution North America
Common Names Bullhead, Channel or Flathead Catfish, Madtom, Stonecat
Size Smallest 42mm, largest 1650mm, average 298mm, most commonly 150mm. All SL.
Species There are 48 species in 7 genera in the database
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1. None 48 species (100%)
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1. Ameiurus 7 species (0 keepers)
2. Ictalurus 9 species (0 keepers)
3. Noturus 27 species (0 keepers)
4. Prietella 2 species (0 keepers)
5. Pylodictis 1 species (0 keepers)
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1. Ameiurus brunneus (i:1, k:0)
2. Ameiurus catus (i:4, k:0)
3. Ameiurus melas (i:14, k:0)
4. Ameiurus natalis (i:10, k:0)
5. Ameiurus nebulosus (i:14, k:0)
6. Ameiurus platycephalus (i:1, k:0)
7. Ameiurus serracanthus (i:3, k:0)
8. Ictalurus australis (i:1, k:0)
9. Ictalurus balsanus (i:1, k:0)
10. Ictalurus dugesii (i:1, k:0)
11. Ictalurus furcatus (i:11, k:0)
12. Ictalurus lupus (i:2, k:0)
13. Ictalurus mexicanus (i:0, k:0)
14. Ictalurus ochoterenai (i:1, k:0)
15. Ictalurus pricei (i:4, k:0)
16. Ictalurus punctatus (i:17, k:0)
17. Noturus albater (i:1, k:0)
18. Noturus baileyi (i:1, k:0)
19. Noturus crypticus (i:2, k:0)
20. Noturus elegans (i:2, k:0)
21. Noturus eleutherus (i:1, k:0)
22. Noturus exilis (i:9, k:0)
23. Noturus flavater (i:3, k:0)
24. Noturus flavipinnis (i:2, k:0)
25. Noturus flavus (i:9, k:0)
26. Noturus funebris (i:1, k:0)
27. Noturus furiosus (i:0, k:0)
28. Noturus gilberti (i:1, k:0)
29. Noturus gladiator (i:1, k:0)
30. Noturus gyrinus (i:19, k:0)
31. Noturus hildebrandi (i:1, k:0)
32. Noturus insignis (i:15, k:0)
33. Noturus lachneri (i:1, k:0)
34. Noturus leptacanthus (i:4, k:0)
35. Noturus miurus (i:4, k:0)
36. Noturus munitus (i:2, k:0)
37. Noturus nocturnus (i:1, k:0)
38. Noturus phaeus (i:2, k:0)
39. Noturus placidus (i:0, k:0)
40. Noturus stanauli (i:0, k:0)
41. Noturus stigmosus (i:1, k:0)
42. Noturus taylori (i:0, k:0)
43. Noturus trautmani (i:0, k:0)
44. Prietella lundbergi (i:0, k:0)
45. Prietella phreatophila (i:5, k:0)
46. Pylodictis olivaris (i:12, k:0)
47. Satan eurystomus (i:1, k:0)
48. Trogloglanis pattersoni (i:1, k:0)