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Identification Deprá et al. (2022) redescribed the genus Heptapterus as having the following shared features: (1) Adipose fin extensively fused with the caudal fin; (2) caudal fin non-bifurcate (i.e., caudal fin not divided in two lobes; vs. bifurcate, with distinct dorsal and ventral lobes); (3) dark bars and stripes on back of trunk (vs. absence of dark bars and stripes on back of trunk); (4) 5-6 pairs of pleural ribs (vs. 8-9 ribs); (5) elongate body with a head length of 16.1-24.9% (vs. 25.5-27.3%); (6) posterior extension of mouth rim short, with rictus barely reaching vertical line through posterior nostril (vs. posterior extension of mouth rim longer, with rictus reaching vertical line between posterior nostril and eye); (7) premaxillary tooth plate with no posterolateral extension, or with a small one (vs. with a very long posterolateral extension); (8) pelvic-fin insertion posterior to vertical through insertion of dorsal fin (vs. anterior) and anal-fin insertion posterior to vertical through adipose-fin origin (vs. anterior); (9) 10-23 anal-fin rays (vs. 33-46); (10) anal and caudal fins separated (vs. anal fin confluent with the caudal fin); and (11) supraorbital pore 6 (s6) fused or closer to each other (vs. separate and closer to the eye than to each other).
Size Smallest 47mm, largest 209mm, average 119mm, most commonly 209mm. All SL.
Species There are 13 "species" in the database
New spp. / time
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