My BLogs ⇒ Breeding report for Corydoras (lineage 9) sterbai by JKvalvaag

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Overview The first spawn was on Tuesday 19th of April 2011. The breeding group consisted of 0 males and 0 females. Additionally, there were 20 unknown individuals present. The smallest male was at least 50mm SL and the smallest female was at least 50mm SL. The individuals were obtained from Håvard S Andresen, Norway.
1.Various granules (dry / prepared) daily
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pH 7.20 to 7.60
Temperature 26.0°C to 27.0°C
Current Medium
Other Water Params Untreated tap water
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Dimensions The aquarium dimensions were 600mm x 400mm x 400mm (23.6" x 15.7" x 15.7") all Length x Width x Height.
Furniture Fine sand, a large piece of wood, covered in moss.
Filtration External Eheim
Lighting 2 x 18 W fluorecent @ 3000 k
Heating 100 w Eheim
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Behaviour Spawning occured after almost every water change.
Eggs There were 50 clear eggs laid which were 2.0mm in diameter.
Time to hatch 3 days
Number: 30
Free swimming: 3 days
Segregation Eggs were moved to separate box.
Fry sizes 7 days: 0mm
14 days: 0mm
21 days: 0mm
Juvenile sizes 1 month: 0mm
3 months: 0mm
6 months: 0mm
Fry and juvenile feeding Artemia nauplii