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Scientific NameOtothyropsis dialeukos  Calegari, Morlis & Reis, 2017
Common Name
Type LocalityArroyo Itá at Paso Itá, near to Embalse de Acaray, ca. 8 km from road between Hernandarias and Ciudad del Este, Río Paraná basin, Hernandarias, Alto Paraná, Paraguay, 25°22'56.9"S, 54°41'34.8"W, elevation approximately 200 meters.
EtymologyOtothyropsis: The first part of the name is from Greek (otos = ear and thyris = window) and is in reference to the Hypoptopomatinae genus Otothyris, to which the new taxon is closely related. The second part is from the Greek (opsis = relating to sight and appearance); hence, resembling a hypoptopomatine fish. 
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SexingMale hypoptopomins posses a urogenital papilla located immediately posterior to the anus. It is absent in females.
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ReferencesZootaxa 4244 (no. 2), pp 232, Figs. 1-2.
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
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