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Scientific Name Hypostomus sertanejo  Zawadzki, Ramos & Sabaj, 2017
Common Name
Type Locality Rio Umbuzeiro at outlet below São Nicolau dam, municipality of São Nicolau, Ceará State, Brazil, 6°40'48.8"S, 40°04'49.1"W.
Pronunciation hi POSS tow muss
Etymology Greek, hypo = under + Greek, stoma = mouth. The specific epithet, sertanejo, is derived from the Portuguese word for a person from the sertão. Sertão refers to the inland xerophitic region of north-eastern Brazil that is isolated from urban centres and associated with the Caatinga and the Cerrado biomes. Sertanejos are known to be shy and elusive as well as rustic and resilient.
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References Journal of Fish Biology v. 91 (no. 1), pp 3, Figs. 1-2, 4c.
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