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Scientific NameTrichomycterus pascuali  Ochoa, Silva, Costa e Silva, Oliveira & Datovo, 2017
Common Name
Type LocalityUnnamed tributary of Tamanduá river, Paranapanema Basin, Municipality of Itatinga, São Paulo State, Brazil, 23°13'27.06"S, 48°31'45.34"W, elevation approximately 600 meters.
EtymologyTrichomycterus: From the Greek trichos, meaning hair and mykter, meaning nose; in reference to the barbels. The name “pascuali” was given in honor to José Pascual Ochoa, L. Ochoa’s father.
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IdentificationT. pascuali is readily distinguished from all congeners by two remarkable features: possession of five pectoral-fin rays (vs. six or more) and absence of pelvic fin, girdle, and muscles (vs. presence). Some other Trichomycterus spp. lack pelvic fins, but they have six or more pectoral-fin rays.
General RemarksThis species has two body-coloration patterns: (1) In specimens between 20-49mm SL, ground color of body yellowish. Head covered by irregular brown spots and two regular longitudinal stripes along lateral region of body, one dorsolateral and another midlateral. Ventrolateral row of spots observed at abdominal region and caudal peduncle. Dorsal, anal and caudal fins slightly pigmented. (2) In specimens >49mm SL, head with some regular brown spots in the dorsal region, gradually lighter laterally; barbels slightly pigmented with the same coloration as head spots. Trunk yellowish with dorsal and abdominal lateral portion of the body covered by irregular spots from the lateral head region to caudal peduncle without defined pattern. Pectoral fin unpigmented, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins rays pigmented with the same coloration as the body spots.
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DistributionBrazil: São Paulo State, Municipality of Itatinga; unnamed tributary of Tamanduá river, Paranapanema Basin.
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FeedingThis genus takes live or frozen food is well accepted, as is commerical dry prepared foods. Be careful not to overfeed. In nature, they feed on small invertebrates living at the bottom.
FurnitureThis species was discovered in a small stream with clear water and moderate water flow, at an elevation of 600m. The specimens were collected under rocks and aquatic vegetation in a muddy bottom area bordered by riparian vegetation.
Suggested TankmatesIn nature, T. pascuali was the only species of fish found in the type locality. No other fish were found to co-occur with this species.
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ReferencesZootaxa 4319 (no. 3), pp 551, Figs. 1-3.
Registered KeepersNone.
Breeding ReportsNone.
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