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Scientific Name Corydoras (lineage 9) rikbaktsa  Lima & Britto, 2020
Common Names CW154, Hvidnæset Pansermalle (Denmark)
White Nose Cory
Type Locality Rio Juininha, tributary of the Rio Juruena, road BR-174, Mato Grosso, Brazil, 11°32'12"S, 58°51'08"W.
Pronunciation kor ee doh rass (lineage nine).
Etymology . The specific name honors the Rikbaktsa (also known as Rikbakta or Erikbaktsa), a Jê-speaking indian nation, who formerly inhabited the area between the rio Juruena and rio Aripuanã in northern Mato Grosso.
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Identification This species is distinguished by a combination of a conspicuous broad vertical dark bar on head, at the level of the eye (mask), an overall light background color without large blotches or stripes on body or fins, the presence of two to four small dark blotches along the midline, and pectoral spine with antrorse serrations on its posterior margin. Overall color light beige, greenish-copper hue on opercle and pectoral girdle, dorsolateral and ventrolateral plates behind dorsal fin slightly translucent.
Sexing Mature males have a slightly elongated, lanceolated urogenital papilla, as seen in other Corydoradinae. Additionaly, males have many well-developed odontodes on sides head, pectoral girdle, and pectoral spines, especially developed at cheeks and opercle. Females have only small scattered odontodes over sides of head and pectoral girdle. Also, head profile of males is slightly more rounded than the overall more pointed head profile of females.
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Amazon, Lower Amazon, Tapajós, Upper Tapajós, Juruena (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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IUCN Red List Category Not Evaluated
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Furniture In the wild, this species is found in shallow sandy shores along a clearwater river with strong currents in its main channel.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference Zootaxa 4742 (no. 3), pp 519, Figs. 1-6.
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