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Scientific Name Bagre filamentosus  (Swainson, 1839)
Common Name
Type Locality Estuaries and rivers near Pernambuco, Brazil.
Pronunciation BAG ray
Etymology Bagre: From the Mozarabic bagre, taken from Greek, pagros, meaning fish (of the genus Dentex). Now used in Spanish vernacular to mean catfish. 
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Identification Bagre filamentosus is distinguished by having 19–23 anal fin rays; cephalic shield granulated, especially on the occipital process and sphenotic; width of cephalic shield at lateral ethmoid area 15.0–19.6% SL; anal fin base length 14.0–18.5%; anterior nuchal plate indistinct from middle and posterior nuchal plates; supraoccipital process very elevated posteriorly; dorsal fin band-like filament not reaching anterior insertion of adipose fin; anal and pelvic fins with dark blotch; 7–11 gill rakers on first branchial arch.
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Distribution This catfish is found in the Greater Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of South America, as far south as southeastern Brazil. It is very common in northeastern Brazil, but very rare off eastern and southeastern Brazil, and rare or absent from the area of influence of the Amazon and Orinoco plumes. It has marine habits and is common in coastal zones with clear, salty water, but rare or absent from areas influenced by freshwater and estuaries.
IUCN Red List Category Not Evaluated
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Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference The natural history and classification v. 2, pp 392.
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