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Common member of the family pseudopimelodidae
Family Common Name Bumblebee Catfish
Distribution South America
Common Names Jelly Cats, Bumblebee Catfish
Size Smallest 20mm, largest 800mm, average 152mm, most commonly 42mm. All SL.
Species There are 66 species in 7 genera in the database
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1. None 66 species (100%)
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1. Batrochoglanis 11 species (0 keepers)
2. Cephalosilurus 3 species (0 keepers)
3. Cruciglanis 1 species (0 keepers)
4. Lophiosilurus 1 species (0 keepers)
5. Microglanis 38 species (0 keepers)
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1. Batrochoglanis acanthochiroides (i:3, k:0)
2. Batrochoglanis castaneus (i:0, k:0)
3. Batrochoglanis cf. acanthochirus (i:1, k:0)
4. Batrochoglanis mathisoni (i:1, k:0)
5. Batrochoglanis melanurus (i:0, k:0)
6. Batrochoglanis raninus (i:10, k:0)
7. Batrochoglanis sp. (1) (i:4, k:0)
8. Batrochoglanis sp. (2) (i:6, k:0)
9. Batrochoglanis sp. (3) (i:1, k:0)
10. Batrochoglanis transmontanus (i:7, k:0)
11. Batrochoglanis villosus (i:10, k:0)
12. Cephalosilurus apurensis (i:42, k:0)
13. Cephalosilurus fowleri (i:28, k:0)
14. Cephalosilurus nigricaudus (i:8, k:0)
15. Cruciglanis pacifici (i:4, k:0)
16. Lophiosilurus alexandri (i:20, k:0)
17. Microglanis aff. eurystoma (i:1, k:0)
18. Microglanis ater (i:4, k:0)
19. Microglanis berbixae (i:8, k:0)
20. Microglanis carlae (i:7, k:0)
21. Microglanis cottoides (i:7, k:0)
22. Microglanis eurystoma (i:3, k:0)
23. Microglanis garavelloi (i:8, k:0)
24. Microglanis iheringi (i:22, k:0)
25. Microglanis leniceae (i:4, k:0)
26. Microglanis leptostriatus (i:3, k:0)
27. Microglanis lundbergi (i:4, k:0)
28. Microglanis maculatus (i:5, k:0)
29. Microglanis malabarbai (i:17, k:0)
30. Microglanis minutus (i:4, k:0)
31. Microglanis nigripinnis (i:4, k:0)
32. Microglanis nigrolineatus (i:8, k:0)
33. Microglanis oliveirai (i:7, k:0)
34. Microglanis parahybae (i:7, k:0)
35. Microglanis pataxo (i:7, k:0)
36. Microglanis pellopterygius (i:5, k:0)
37. Microglanis pleriqueater (i:5, k:0)
38. Microglanis poecilus (i:6, k:0)
39. Microglanis reikoae (i:7, k:0)
40. Microglanis robustus (i:4, k:0)
41. Microglanis secundus (i:3, k:0)
42. Microglanis sparsus (i:6, k:0)
43. Microglanis sp. `CATUA-IPIXUNA RESEX` (i:1, k:0)
44. Microglanis sp. `RIO ACARAGUA` (i:1, k:0)
45. Microglanis sp. `RIO LAS PIEDRAS` (i:1, k:0)
46. Microglanis sp. `RIO MACHADO` (i:1, k:0)
47. Microglanis sp. `RIO POZUZO` (i:1, k:0)
48. Microglanis sp. `RIO SALI` (i:2, k:0)
49. Microglanis sp. `RIO UCAYALI` (i:2, k:0)
50. Microglanis sp. `VENEZUELA` (i:1, k:0)
51. Microglanis variegatus (i:10, k:0)
52. Microglanis xerente (i:6, k:0)
53. Microglanis xylographicus (i:6, k:0)
54. Microglanis zonatus (i:2, k:0)
55. Pseudopimelodus atricaudus (i:5, k:0)
56. Pseudopimelodus bufonius (i:21, k:0)
57. Pseudopimelodus charus (i:3, k:0)
58. Pseudopimelodus magnus (i:5, k:0)
59. Pseudopimelodus mangurus (i:4, k:0)
60. Pseudopimelodus schultzi (i:1, k:0)
61. Rhyacoglanis annulatus (i:4, k:0)
62. Rhyacoglanis epiblepsis (i:4, k:0)
63. Rhyacoglanis paranensis (i:5, k:0)
64. Rhyacoglanis pulcher (i:5, k:0)
65. Rhyacoglanis seminiger (i:5, k:0)
66. Rhyacoglanis variolosus (i:0, k:0)