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1.Acanthobunocephalus nicoi(i:1, k:1)
2.Amaralia hypsiura(i:10, k:12)
3.Amaralia oviraptor(i:0, k:0)
4.Aspredinichthys filamentosus(i:1, k:0)
5.Aspredinichthys tibicen(i:0, k:0)
6.Aspredo aspredo(i:2, k:0)
7.Bunocephalus aleuropsis(i:0, k:0)
8.Bunocephalus aloikae(i:0, k:0)
9.Bunocephalus amaurus(i:5, k:5)
10.Bunocephalus chamaizelus(i:0, k:0)
11.Bunocephalus colombianus(i:5, k:20)
12.Bunocephalus coracoideus(i:18, k:198)
13.Bunocephalus doriae(i:1, k:1)
14.Bunocephalus erondinae(i:0, k:0)
15.Bunocephalus hartti(i:0, k:0)
16.Bunocephalus knerii(i:5, k:2)
17.Bunocephalus larai(i:0, k:1)
18.Bunocephalus minerim(i:0, k:0)
19.Bunocephalus verrucosus(i:18, k:14)
20.Dupouyichthys sapito(i:2, k:1)
21.Ernstichthys anduzei(i:1, k:0)
22.Ernstichthys intonsus(i:1, k:0)
23.Ernstichthys megistus(i:6, k:2)
24.Hoplomyzon atrizona(i:1, k:0)
25.Hoplomyzon cardosoi(i:0, k:0)
26.Hoplomyzon papillatus(i:0, k:0)
27.Hoplomyzon sexpapilostoma(i:0, k:0)
28.Micromyzon akamai(i:1, k:0)
29.Micromyzon orinoco(i:0, k:0)
30.Platystacus cotylephorus(i:28, k:27)
31.Pseudobunocephalus amazonicus(i:4, k:9)
32.Pseudobunocephalus bifidus(i:0, k:0)
33.Pseudobunocephalus iheringii(i:1, k:0)
34.Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi(i:0, k:0)
35.Pseudobunocephalus quadriradiatus(i:8, k:3)
36.Pseudobunocephalus rugosus(i:0, k:0)
37.Pterobunocephalus depressus(i:15, k:5)
38.Pterobunocephalus dolichurus(i:14, k:8)
39.Xyliphius anachoretes(i:3, k:0)
40.Xyliphius barbatus(i:2, k:1)
41.Xyliphius kryptos(i:1, k:0)
42.Xyliphius lepturus(i:9, k:3)
43.Xyliphius lombarderoi(i:0, k:0)
44.Xyliphius magdalenae(i:0, k:0)
45.Xyliphius melanopterus(i:12, k:1)
46.Xyliphius sofiae(i:3, k:0)
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Common member of the family aspredinidae
Family Common NameBanjo Catfishes
DistributionSouth America
Common NamesBanjo Catfish, Eel Banjo Catfish
SizeSmallest 16mm, largest 383mm, average 94mm, most commonly 80mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 46 species in 13 genera in the database
Keepers19 species (41%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1.Bunocephalus , 0 species (241 keepers)
2.Platystacus , 0 species (27 keepers)
3.Pterobunocephalus , 0 species (13 keepers)
4.Amaralia , 0 species (12 keepers)
5.Pseudobunocephalus , 0 species (12 keepers)
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1. Bunocephalus coracoideus (63.06%)
2. Platystacus cotylephorus (8.6%)
3. Bunocephalus colombianus (6.37%)
4. Bunocephalus verrucosus (4.46%)
5. Amaralia hypsiura (3.82%)
6. Pseudobunocephalus amazonicus (2.87%)
7. Pterobunocephalus dolichurus (2.55%)
8. Pterobunocephalus depressus (1.59%)
9. Bunocephalus amaurus (1.59%)
10. Xyliphius lepturus (0.96%)
11. Pseudobunocephalus quadriradiatus (0.96%)
12. Ernstichthys megistus (0.64%)
13. Bunocephalus knerii (0.64%)
14. Xyliphius melanopterus (0.32%)
15. Xyliphius barbatus (0.32%)
16. Dupouyichthys sapito (0.32%)
17. Bunocephalus larai (0.32%)
18. Bunocephalus doriae (0.32%)
19. Acanthobunocephalus nicoi (0.32%)